Our Services

At The House Clearance, we are known for our high quality range of services that we are capable of offering to our customers in London, both in domestic and commercial sectors. Taking pride of the complete waste disposal solution that we provide, we can assure our customers that they no longer have to look much further.

Everything that our customers need in terms of clearing their premises from unwanted items will be provided professionally by our team. That is why, for convenience and satisfaction, call us at 0203-322-27-57. You can also send us an email for more details about the services that we do just for you.

Services we offer for households in London, Essex and Kent

The wastes that the households produce constitute a great percentage in the total wastes being produced in London for the whole year round. Unlike with commercial sectors, the types of rubbish that are produced domestically are not that voluminous for one particular item only. It is instead composed of different and varying items that when put together would really be in great volume. That is why we offer the following services to our valued customers in London to make things more convenient for them:

Full House Clearance

If you are moving to another place, having a full house clearance is really recommended. You have to get rid of the items that you no longer use. Make this as an opportunity for you to completely revamp the place and effectively dispose the items that need to be disposed. With our team, you will experience a hassle-free house clearance. You can get the satisfaction that you need at a price that suits your budget.

Partial House Clearance

We also cater partial house clearance for households who only require services for specific places in their house such as garage, loft or other rooms. This would be more convenient for you because you do not have to spend much time dealing with it alone. At a very affordable price, you can already get rid of stress whilst enjoying the benefit of having a clear and clutter-free room.

Garden Clearance

Due to lack of time, you might have overlooked nursing your garden. Hence, you would certainly find it in a topsy turvy situation. At The House Clearance, we provide garden clearance services to help you get rid of the rubbish in your garden and effectively dispose it in accordance to the standards.


Since we are an environmental friendly waste disposal company, we also offer services that effectively reduce the wastes that are directly sent to the landfill. Some of the unwanted items at your place are susceptible of being recycled. Hence, we will be the one to send this to centres which perform recycling processes.

Daily waste collection

If you cannot stand the daily volume of wastes that you have at your premises, we also offer daily waste collection services. This is to help you lessen the burden of encountering items that you hate the most.

Skip hire alternative

Hiring a skip is really expensive, not to mention the hassle of getting a permit. So at The House Clearance, we offer alternative solutions so that you would be able to get the same benefit without actually experiencing the same hassle as with hiring a skip.

If you cannot find the exact service that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 0203-322-27-57. We would certainly be able to find a way just to cater your specific needs. We will customise the very service that you wish us to do. Just get in touch with our team and we will make waste disposal much easier for you.

Services we offer to the commercial sectors in London

We are a professional rubbish clearance company who are very much flexible to cater the needs of different businesses no matter how small or large their company is. With our complete facilities and equipment, we are confident that we would be able to provide the exact service that they need. It is only with us that they could experience real satisfaction through the following services that we provide:

Confidential waste disposal

We understand that your company is really very particular when it comes to confidential information about your transactions. That is why, when some documents are needed to be disposed, we make sure that we would be able to do it carefully and professionally. With our reliable team of experts, we can assure you that your documents will certainly be safe with us.

Document shredding

There may be a lot of documents in your offices that need to be disposed. At The House Clearance, we offer document shredding services. This is not just to assure the confidentiality of the documents being disposed but also make it much easier for the items to be disposed.

Daily waste collection

There are some business establishments that would require daily collection due to the great volume of wastes produced. Hence, to make it more convenient for these businesses to deal with their wastes, we offer our daily waste collection services. With complete facilities, we would certainly be able to consistently provide you the kind of service that you would require from us.

Commercial recycling

No matter what type of business you are into, there are really some unwanted items that can be recycled such as papers. In The House Clearance, we really consider recycling as a way of reducing wastes that will be sent directly to landfill. Not only that you would be able to help the environment but also you can benefit from the proceeds of items that you have sent to recycling centres.

Large items clearance

From time to time, offices would upgrade their equipment and furniture. Hence, some old items, in order to give the office a larger space, should be disposed accordingly. This is where we take our part. We will help you handle these large items to make your office more spacious.

These are just a few of the services that we can provide. We also deliver tailor-made packages on services just in case you cannot find the exact service that you are looking for in our list. Let us know how we can help you with your waste disposal needs. Please feel free to give us a call at 0203-322-27-57. You can also fill out the form that we have provided to book for our services. Working for you is really a great privilege for us.