Why Us

Why Choose The House Clearance

The House Clearance is a fully dedicated house clearance company which provides a range of reliable rubbish disposal services for households and commercial sectors alike. With our experience and expertise in handling this job, we have already become London’s first choice. We can always be around to help you get the service that you need and ensure that the environment is protected as well. To ensure you get the exact service that you need, call us today at 0203-322-27-57.

Unlike any other typical company, the services that we provide at The House Clearance are extremely catered at the highest possible standards to give you a more modern approach in waste disposal. That is why when you need help with your unwanted items, we are just the team of professionals you can trust. To know more about what we can exactly do for you, here are the very reasons why you should choose us:

We have been serving London for several years already and throughout those years, we have developed and improve the services that we provide to our customers. From this experience, we already know what to do and what not to do. Hence, when you let us do the job, you can be assured that your wastes will be disposed of properly.

The House Clearance offers a wide range of rubbish clearance services for both households and businesses. With us, you no longer have to hire separate and individual specialists to take care of your rubbish. Anything that needs to do with rubbish will be professionally handled by our team of experts.

In hiring a skip, you would be spending for something you do not entirely enjoy. But when you let us handle your house clearance, you will only be paying for the actual service that you get from us. Like for instance, if the van is only half full, you will only be paying for that part only. You could just imagine how much money you have save with our team.

You can always expect a professional service from our team. From start to finish, we will comply with the requirements professionally because we know that we are paid for it. But aside from the fact that we are actually being paid, we also do this because in this way, we would be able to let you feel that you have not mistaken in choosing us.

Our team, in arriving at your place, is truly well-groomed with IDs. You will definitely know that you are working with the professionals right from the first time you meet them. Even if the job calls for a dirty work, we will still be at our best to prove to you that we are just the team that you can rely on at all times.

We do not just get things done but also be able to establish a good working relationship with our clients. You will never feel any aloofness with us because we are a friendly team whom you can approach anytime you need us. If you want your waste disposal requirements be made enthusiastically, then we are just the team for you.

One thing that we take pride of is our ability to turn up at a time that works best for you. We will not let you wait for a long time. When we say it, we will definitely be professional enough to show up and deliver the services on time.

In waste disposal, there are certain standards that you have to comply with in order for you not to pay fines for committing violations. With us, you do not have to worry about that. As a fully licensed company, anything is done at the highest possible standards. If you do not want to end up fly tipping, then let us do the job for you.

We do not just satisfy the needs of our customers but also ensure that we would be able to successfully protect the environment. Our solutions are tailored to help make the environment become greener. We do not directly send your wastes to the landfill. Instead, we apply certain measures to reduce the wastes by recycling.

Your convenience is our paramount consideration in doing our services. We simply want to make things easier for you because no one understands you better other than we do. For greater satisfaction on all your waste disposal needs, choose us. Call us at 0203-322-27-57 and see the difference.